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Behind a design: The Ring Bag

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Every time I go through the design process, my initial thoughts always are...How can I make this different from everything I have seen? 

This particular idea spurred from the desire to work textile and leather into the design in an entirely different way. 
After I have my concept I always sit with Leyby, who is my right hand girl, to figure out how we can start the project and set a plan. This is when we try to figure out how we'll make our idea work. 
We had to brainstorm for a long time to figure out how to successfully wrap textile around a ring. We wanted to lay flat and have pretty stitching while also being comfortable to hold. 
It ended up taking us about a month to figure out how we could have the textile sewed into the shape we wanted. 
Working with textiles can be a bit difficult because of the delicate nature of the material. This becomes even more tough when you are trying to manipulate it into a different shape. We have to be careful to avoid fraying. 
We tried different materials to use for the inside of the ring, to be honest the first 10 attempts looked weird. But through trial and error, after trying both celaste and metal, we found the perfect material.
I have made several different bags using the textile rings. We have several crossbody bags that use a small ring as a way to clasp the bag and also make bigger ring bags where the rings function as handles.  
One of the things I love about working with Leyby is even if she doesn't understand or can't imagine my designs at first, she'll work alongside me for hours upon hours until we get it the right way. Then when we finish the product we are both amazed at what we have achieved and she finally understands the crazy, scrambled thoughts I began the project with.
Currently we are working together to create leather rings to use in some designs. Again we are having to do some trial and error to get the desired look, but we are close to finishing the perfect bag. Can't wait to show you these soon!!


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