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Inspirational Guatemalan Women: Meet Eileen Wally

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During C`santos fashion weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting the super chic Eileen Wally, lawyer to be. This Guatemalan cutie is a mix of a Guatemalan mom and an Austrian dad. Growing up she didn’t have an interest in law, but when she was deciding what she wanted to study she read a book about the subject and decided to pursue it. Through the course of time she has realized how crucial a lawyer’s role is in Guatemala as well as the rest of the world. She believes that it is a social duty to doing something impactful and positive for her country.

To know more about Eileen read below.

     1. Name and place of birth?

Eileen Victoria Wally Castellanos / La Antigua Guatemala       

  1. How do you mix in your career and modeling?

I love modeling because I see it as a hobby, totally foreign to my career. I also have a huge love for the art of photography. There are a lot of talented photographers I would love to collaborate with.

  1. Best fashion tip you could give our readers?

Take risks. A lot of times we try to stick to the basic fashion tendencies and trends, which limit our creativity. Who said you can’t combine a clutch with typical Guatemalan clothing and a jacket with flowers? We would be surprised by what cool combinations one can make if we use our imagination.

  1. How would you describe your style?



  1. Do you have a secret beauty tip?

This isn’t much of a secret, but a huge tip is to ALWAYS remove your makeup. I take care of my skin, and something I can advise your readers to do as well is to choose a facial cream appropriate for your type of skin.

  1. Your favorite place you have been to in the world?

My favorite place is definitely Vienna, Austria. It’s such an elegant place, full of culture, art, fashion and with an exemplary structural system. My advice would be to visit during summer when the city is full of colors.

  1. What is it like being a Guatemalan fashionista?

I think that a big part of being a fashionista is feeling confident and comfortable with yourself. Dressing with good taste and having a unique style is an art and a talent.

  1. What Kolt item do you love the most?

Oh, that’s the hardest question! I would have to say the San Juan gray bag. The colors are totally out of the ordinary, as well as its style and shape. 



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