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We are super excited not only to add shoes to our website but to introduce you these cuties. Here is a little sneak peek into how they are made by our team of artisans in Guatemala.

We want our clients to know who is making their Kolt products and understand the impact they are having on the artisans lives.


It takes around one week for Sergio's team (our shoe maker) to makes the mules. He first starts by cutting the leather and the pig skin used for the inner lining into the shape wanted.  Both of these parts are sewed together. Once this part is finished they are hand sewed together with the leather sole btw this is the hardest part and takes years of experience to achieve a perfect shape. 

Next, it's up to Leyby (our maker) to add the finishing touches! She starts by cutting the leather sole for the mules and then continues by cutting 4 pairs of leather tassels. She then glues the leather soles to the shoes and attaches the tassels to the mules. 

Available in four different leather colors for you to choose from. These mules are shaped to fit perfect.




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