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We are beyond excited to introduce our new Market Bags!  


If you have ever been to Guatemala, chances are you’ve seen this kind of bag before. That’s because they are perfect to take with you to the market, beach, or pretty much anywhere! Think of this as a major upgrade to the classic reusable grocery bag.

What makes these bags so great is how versatile they are! You can bring these handmade beauties with you to brunch and then use them for the rest of your errands (it’s like a dream come true!). Not only are they good looking, but they are also extremely durable, meaning you can pack them full without having to worry.

Like everything we do, our new Market Bags are entirely handmade by our talented artisans in Pastores, Guatemala. Here’s a glimpse at the process:

First, we begin by making a wooden frame in the same size as the finished bag, this acts as the loom. Then we string the plastic vertically, creating the base through which the rest of the plastic will be carefully woven.

This is no easy feat, as the weaving process takes many hours. However, the result is totally worth it! Finally, each Market Bag is finished with a handmade, tiered tassel. And voilà, one handmade Market Bag ready for your next adventure!

These exclusive, handmade Market Bags can be found on our website. They are available in two sizes (Mini and Grande) and in four different colors (Black, White, Gray, and Pink), perfect for mixing and matching! Shop the collection here.


We can’t wait to see how you use your Kolt Handmade Market Bags. Tag @KoltHandmade on Instagram, or comment below!


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