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Inspirational Guatemalan Women: María Isabel Pepió

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Not too long ago Kolt Handmade collaborated with the founder of the famous hashtag #perphapsyouneedalittleguatemala. Her amazing work has initiated a platform where different people traveling through Guatemala can show the beauty of its people, culture and amazing landscapes. Her vision extends beyond words. As a fellow Guatemalan, I thank you for promoting and empowering a country we should all be proud to be a part of. 
Read on to learn more about Maria, her journey and the amazing job she has been doing as an entrepreneur. 

Tell our readers a little bit about you? 

I’m a woman who wants to show you how to make this little piece of heaven I call Guatemala, a lifestyle. I enjoy traveling throughout my country and showing through photos every aspect of the Guatemalan experience that I enjoy.

 When did you start with #perhapsyouneedalittleguatemalaand what was the inspiration behind your vision? 

I started the hashtag in September of 2013, my vision was to make a community of everyone sharing the best of Guatemala, as an experience, a necessity!

 What has been the most rewarding part in creating the hashtag? 

How the Guatemalan owns the hashtag yet how the tourist also uses the hashtag proudly!

We know you are also the creator of the brand Be a Blessing. We love that this is another platform to give back, tell us more about this line of bracelets?

This was my first project. I was 22 years old and I always wanted to help my people and empower them, so I created a line of bracelets which are made by the people you help when you purchase them. So everyone uses them proudly knowing they are blessing families in need.

We love how you embrace in everything you do a creative way of representing Guatemala. Which leads me to your next brand. You have the cutest t-shirts and pop sockets, called Pura Guatemalteca. How did this idea come to mind and what is your vision with this name?

For me- this is my essence! My lifestyle, my second name. I wanted to show that behind perhaps you need a little Guatemala there is someone who loves their country! So I believe “Pura Guatemalteca” speaks for herself.  

Did you always wanted to be an entrepreneur? What advise would you give to Guatemalan women that would like to start a brand?

When I started my first project “Be A Blessing” no one used the word “entrepreneur” or anything similar. I just always knew I always wanted to do something remarkable for my people, and my country, and that´s what I do with every single project.

What does the future look like for Maria?

Uncertain! Haha! But I hope full of surprises, new ideas, new people, but mostly lots of love.

We really can't wait to see what you create next, we are your biggest fans!

Use her hashtag #perphansyouneedalittleguatemala
Find Be a Blessing at @beablessinggt 
Find Pop Up and Pura Guatemalteca Shirts at @latienditadelapina 
Photographs: Allie Jorde


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