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New: Custom Made & One of Kind

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C U S T O M    M A D E

I recently decided to restructure the website as well as the business as a whole. I am really excited about the new set up! In order to collaborate with my customers more and to tailor designs to each person I have added a Custom Made option to Kolt Handmade. Frequently customers come in and we work together to create something perfect for them. I love this process and the pay off of the hard-work once my customer is satisfied is amazing. 

So now I am making this process widely available. The new tab titled "Custom Made" features several of my favorite original designs. You can choose your favorite design and from there the power of design is shifted to you.

1. Choose the item you want from the Custom Made page.

3. You will choose the leather you want and then complete the purchase.

3. After we have received your initial order we will immediately be in contact with you to finalize your order/leather choice and start communicating about textiles. We will show you all of the textiles we have available and if you have a certain color or regional textile in mind we will do our best to find it in order to accommodate your request.

After both leather and textile have been chosen the item will be in full production mode. We will be in constant contact about the progress on you order and be available to answer any question. Your item should take no longer than 10 days to complete and we ask that you expect 2 weeks shipping time since we are located here in Antigua, Guatemala. 

I really hope you guys are excited about this addition as I am. My goal is to provide you with products that are perfect for you. This way if you usually gravitate towards black bags but your favorite design of ours was previously only in orange leather you now can have that ideal bag! Or if you have really been wanted a bag with San Juan huipil textile on a cross-body bag you can now have it!


O N E   O F   A   K I N D 

The other category now on the website is "One of a Kind." They are already made and are only offered how they appear. In most cases we only have one of that specific item in stock. They are limited edition and will never be produced again. Purchasing something from this page ensures that you will have a never before seen, unique, and special bag. 

Products from the One of a Kind collection will not take as long to get to you since they are pre-made and time does not need to be allotted for production. We ask you to expect 2 weeks for shipping. 


I hope this all makes sense and that this switch will create opportunities for us to get to know each other! If you have any questions about the process or designs do not hesitate to contact me at!


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