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Simply Liv and Co: Meet Olivia Youngs

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Hey guys!

Kolt Handmade had the opportunity to collaborate with the beautiful Olivia Youngs.

She is the creator of I love shining light and getting to know people like Olivia, showing us a lot more than a lifestyle blog, she writes on what it is to be a mama of two girls, the importance of ethical shopping and well; as you'll read on the blog below, coffee :)

Here is a little more about Olivia

1. Tell us a little about you.

I'm a mama to two little girls (a 4 year old and a 2 year old) and currently live in a little mountain town in Colorado. My other passion in life, other than ethical fashion and writing, is specialty coffee. I love the community that forms around great coffee and have a few fun plans in the works regarding all of those passions. I'm an introvert, but love people, and am working on adding color to my wardrobe :)

2.What made you start your blog and when did you start it?

I started blogging in college, but started really using it as a creative outlet in 2013 after giving birth to my first daughter. I became a mom at 20 years old and used blogging as a way to carve out an identity for myself. I discovered minimalism, and then ethical fashion and my blog slowly (really slowly) morphed into my full time job. 

3. Why do you support ethical made products?

There are a thousand reasons why, but one of the most exciting things about ethical fashion to me is the stories behind the products. So much of my closet is made up of pieces that are made by people whose stories I know and can share with others. Fast fashion brands don't tell the stories behind their pieces, because usually, they're stories of people being taken advantage of for mass production. Slow, ethical fashion brings the focus back to the individual, and I love that. 

4. What’s your favorite Kolt product?

My mules are so beautiful - well made and versatile. I've worn them so much since buying them!

5. You recently got a pair of mules and a Kolt Handmade clutch. What was you favorite part about them and why? 

I carried the clutch with me all around the UK and was so surprised by how much I could fit inside it. The stitching on the front is stunning and the leather is such high quality. I love the mules for their versatility and how they instantly add class to an outfit. 



6. Which ethical made brands would you recommend purchasing and why?

Oh, SO many amazing brands out there. If you're looking for a list, I have a giant one on my blog, but a few long time favorites are Thought Clothing, MATTER Prints, SSeko, and Toad & co.

7. What’s your favorite place in the world?

I feel like I haven't explored nearly enough to have a favorite place yet, but my recent stay in London was a dream come true. 

8. Have you been in Guatemala?

I haven't, unfortunately, but I would love to!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Olivia as much as we did

Until next time, much love!



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