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How Kolt Handmade came to be.

Born and raised in Antigua, Guatemala I was always surrounded by the most beautiful handmade goods. I didn’t know the history and how truly amazing these pieces were until I was much older. After learning about how the leather shoes and Huipils, traditional Mayan blouses, were made, I was amazed.

It takes up to 8 hours per pair of shoe and up to three months to make one Huipil. Every huipil is unique and special to the area of Guatemala it is made and it takes years for people to prefect their craft. I was surprised that I wasn’t taught about the history of these garments in school and felt compelled to do my little part in showing the world how incredibly rich Guatemalan culture is and how through artistic handmade work, artisans around Guatemala can make a living.

I opened my first store in November 2015 in the little town of Pastores, Guatemala, a little outside of Antigua. Pastores is famous and well known for its great handmade leather. I was able to connect with artisans there and begin to create one of a kind piece. We are now an online store while still working with my friends in Pastores.


Our Mission

To design beautiful, high quality, one of a kind, handmade Guatemalan leather products while creating fair and stable jobs for those so badly in need of them.

Kolt works to train the local women of Pastores to make our products, improving their skill-set and putting them in a better position to support their families. As well as training and providing jobs in the Pastores community, Kolt also works with other artisans and weavers around different regions of Guatemala providing them with increased revenue.

Every piece of Kolt you take home is a little bit of Guatemalan art and reflects the amazing handmade products that this country produces.

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Handmade from start to finish, ethically made with love. 

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