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Stefanie Richmond: Designer 

Stefanie was born and raised in Guatemala. She has always had a love for art which led her to start a fashion brand. In collaboration with artisans in her local neighborhood of Pastores, Guatemala she creates one of a kind leather & textile goods. 

Leyby: Maker

Leyby was born in San Luis, Pastores, Guatemala. She is Stefanie's right hand in creating all the new bags. Every project begins with them sitting down together and making a plan. From hand-sewing leather wallets to taking care of production, she is amazing!

Roxana: Maker

Roxana is a young mother from Pastores, Guatemala. This job provides her an additional opportunity to provide for herself and her son.

Cindy: Maker

Cindy joined Kolt just a few months ago. What she likes most about working with Kolt is that with each new project she is able to learn something new and improve her existing skills!  




Sergio: Maker

Sergio works from Pastores, Guatemala which is a town know for its amazing leather work. He is solely responsible for making all of our shoes. His expertise and eye for perfection ensure the highest quality for all of our boot styles. 



Gladys: Maker

Gladys was born and raised in Guatemala. She is one of the distributers of the vintage textiles we use. She also makes the beautiful tassel and pom poms for some of our designs. She is an incredible part of our team. 


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