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San Juan Necklace

Designer: Kolt Handmade

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The San Juan necklace is one of a kind!

We combined the neck collar of a vintage huipil (the traditional garment worn by indigenous Guatemalan) from the area of San Juan with a beaded belt from at Lake Atitlan.

Each flower is embroidered to the huipil one by one. Even with years of experience, this takes weeks to embroider. Red, purple, orange and pink give life to each flower, making the huipil pop with vibrant colors and its intricate design.

We then took the beaded belt and hand sewed it to the embroidered huipil. This took us three days to accomplish as we had to be super careful not to damage either pieces and achieve the desired look. This unique necklace is a mixture of historical, Guatemalan art and modern style.

Dimensions: 15" x 4.3" (38.1 cm x 10.922 cm)

* Made in Guatemala

*Ships worldwide

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